Sheraton was founded on the values of community, dignity, and compassion for all individuals. We established a way of offering assistance to employees of Sheraton Real Estate, community members, and organizations through the founding of the Hope Foundation.

The Hope Foundation aims to provide a means to encourage every individual to take action towards a positive and productive path. Joined by our employees, our residents, and our community, we strive to provide others with this opportunity for a brighter future and a new hope.

Our giving programs, Employee Care Fund and Community Impact Fund, are our 2 focuses for providing these opportunities.

Focus for the Employee Care Fund:

  • Life threatening illness or injury

  • Catastrophic or extreme circumstances/natural disasters

  • Other

Focus for the Community Impact Fund:

  • Second Chance Fund

  • Human dignity initiatives

  • College Student Cause Fund

  • Families in Need Fund

  • Annual initiatives


Community Impact Fund Guidelines

The Community Impact Fund of The Hope Foundation provides financial resources for the community in areas of desired impact for the company. All grant applications are reviewed by the management team from Sheraton Real Estate Management & Sheraton Services.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Recipient is a 501(c)(3) or a charitable equivalent.

  • Individuals may apply only for the Families in Need Fund.

  • Grant request meets one of the funding priorities.

  • Must be a resident and an enrolled student living in a Sheraton property to be eligible to apply for funds from the College Student Cause Fund.

  • Sheraton Real Estate reserves the right to invite organizations to apply for funds.


  • Average gift size is typically $200 - $1000.

  • The average gift amount is not guaranteed and in some cases a lesser amount will be awarded.

  • Each organization may receive only one grant per year.

  • Quarterly deadlines: Feb. 1, May 1, Aug. 1, Nov. 1.

  • Grants will be announced: Mar. 1, June 1, Sept. 1 (to go towards NVCF’s Annie B’s match), Dec. 1.

The management team from Sheraton Real Estate is responsible for reviewing applications for the Community Impact Fund and making recommendations for final approval.

  • Interested individuals or organizations will go to the websites to download guidelines and determine if they fit the criteria for funding available through the Hope Foundation.

  • Organizational representative or individual will fill out the form and submit to the liaison.

  • The management team from Sheraton Real Estate will renew all applications on a quarterly basis. Sheraton reserves the right to ask for a personal meeting with any applicants to supplement the application process.

  • When a final determination is made, the liaison will notify applicant and process the grant for payment.

  • Questions or comments can be addressed to The Hope Foundation liaison, Diane Ruby at diane@asheratonrem.com

Second Chance Fund

The Second Chance Fund is focused on funding individuals or organizations committed to working with those who has experienced a setback due to physical hardship, emotional breakdown, spiritual brokenness, or any form of addiction, crime, or poor choices.

Human Dignity Initiatives

The Human Dignity Initiatives serve organizations focusing their attention on those who are seeking restored dignity. Children being trafficked, abused men and women in the context of domestic violence are all examples of those who need assistance to restore dignity and to rebuild lives of meaning and hope.

College Student Cause Fund

Hundreds of enrolled college students live in our residences throughout Chico. The College Students Cause Fund is a way for us to tap into the passions and energy of these students and invite them to partner with us. The fund is intentionally open ended so that college students who are committed to a cause or interested in making a positive influence by supporting a cause can be encouraged and supported in their endeavors. We are particularly interested in projects that are team efforts that work with nonprofit agencies, the university, schools, or other local causes that support the guidelines listed above.

Families in Need Fund

Here at Sheraton we are about family. We recognize that others may have an employer, and extended family, a community, or other resources to help them through difficult times. Organizations serving families in need may also apply.

Annual Initiatives

There is a discretionary priority that may be announced at the beginning of each calendar year and will have its own application and deadlines.