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Homeowner Associations FAQs

Does Sheraton Real Estate Management have experience working with developers?
Yes. Sheraton Real Estate Management has worked with both California-based and out-of-state developers on projects ranging from condominium conversions to large-scale PUDs with multiple principles and sub-associations.

Our Association has not had an active board for at least the last year. Should that be a concern?
Yes. The State of California mandates that your Board of Directors make decisions regarding policy and directs that meetings should be held at least once each quarter. As your Agent, Sheraton Real Estate Management will direct the daily business of the Association and make recommendations to your board. The ultimate responsibility for decision making rests with the Board of Directors.

Our Association has been self-managing for some time. Why do we need Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) now?
During the past few years, the California State Legislature has passed a multitude of new laws which have dramatically changed with the way associations operate. With so many new legal requirements being imposed each year, association boards face the potential risk of noncompliance. This risk can be minimized by working with a Certified Manager who is required to take courses on new legislation each year, and, in turn, advise boards as to how these changes need to be implemented.

What type of Professional Management Service does Sheraton Real Estate Management offer? Sheraton Real Estate Management offers a broad spectrum of Association Management Services including "Full Service Management" and "Financial Management." We find that the great majority of associations need Full Service Management in order to effectively conduct their day-to-day business and to remain compliant with current law. Please contact Sheraton Real Estate Management for additional details and to receive a customized proposal.

What Services are included in "Full Service Management?"
Our full-service packet management is intended to cover 99% of the issues that a board will encounter in an average year. We know that associations are concerned about budgeting issues and that a regular monthly fee is the best way for associations to pay for management. This package generally includes: